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Amanda Hanson
Amanda opened Boulder Brook Stables in 1994 and chose to become professional at the age of 19, having
completed 17 years of successful showing and riding. Amanda was a working student for local trainers during her
teenage years and gained knowledge and experience of horses and training techniques. During this time she had
the opportunity to ride with John Lyons during his visits to New England, Karl Mikolka and Joe Lombard who were
influential guides and who inspired Amanda to become successful in her chosen equine career.

1997 she began leasing stalls from Jim and Cindy Maquardt of Spinnaker Hill Farm, Epping NH. Amanda’s
experience and ability to work with people ensured growing demand for her skills in training, lessons, boarding In
1995 Amanda was asked to run a 30 stall facility where she was able to train and expand her student base. In and

For 6 years Amanda led a successful program that resulted in many year end awards, a ‘Trainer of the Year’ award
at Silver Heels Riding Club and students obtaining numerous points in quarter horse, paint, pinto and appy. This
afforded her the opportunity to show at Quarter Horse Congress with Nancy Sue Ryan.
Amanda also successfully competed on the local and regional hunter/jumper circuits. Continuing her education
she rode and worked with Gretchen Anderson, Tracy Gardner, Bill Buckley and Liz Buckley.
In 2006 she proudly opened her new facility with her family. The facility presented her with the ability to improve the
level of care and training for her horses and students. One of many great accomplishments she has enjoyed was
the reserve world championship her long time student won at the pinto world championships in Tulsa Oklahoma
2007. It was a milestone of her career.

Since then she has been working with many great clients and horses continuing their successes showing locally
and regionally. She has also continued her own riding education working with trainers like Cory Hardy, Judy
Westlake, Leslie De Grandmaison, Adam Cropper, Sherry Johnson-Trafton among others.
She has been working to finish construction of the facility and most recently taking some time to expand her family
with the addition of her daughter Bridget. Amanda is extremely excited about what the future is to bring and looks
forward to working with her current clients and meeting new clients looking to achieve their goals.
596 Calef Highway, rt. 125
Lee, NH 03861
Boulder Brook Stables, LLC